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Get organised and focused for business success

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$2,194.50 (tax incl.)


“Business Ownership: To enjoy the experience of being paid”

An online program followed by a one on one Half-Day Workshop focusing on your business!

This will give you the business owner:

  • Much more clarity in where to steer the business for success
  • The ability to start thinking like a leader rather than a technician
  • More time and confidence

With more and more businesses entering the marketplace each year it is critical you set yourself up for success. 

Most businesses just survive but here at Getperforming we want you to thrive.

To get the most from our business performance program it is important for us to know how you are going to prepare for your success.

Every business has its own unique and personal way of interacting with its ideal prospect and environment.

This online Business Performance Analyser and Half Day Workshop will provide a means for us to understand where your business currently stands at present and where we need to take it for future success.

If you have any queries please let us know and we can discuss them.

The Process

Once The BPA has been completed, it will be followed by a half day one on one workshop analysing your completed BPA.

From the results gathered we will have a have birds eye view of where your business currently stands and the strategies to take it to the next level.

Also if desired we can design an individual program to support you and your business goals.

All educational templates will be supplied for each business owner. The coaching and training will be delivered and facilitated by Jerome Lamarque of Get Performing. 

The programs will focus on creating realistic results and sustainable growth for the business to succeed. 

You will learn how to be organised, mentally focused and in an emotional state of calm readiness for living in flow as a business owner. The programs will comprise of focus sessions and practical business building exercises to enhance the learning and reinforce consistency. The Program is aligned with the company’s philosophy of excellence, patience, self expression and structure to positively impact higher performance.

I look forward to working with you on your journey to successClick the link and Let’s Chat!

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