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Adrian Salvaggio

– CEO Snowball Clients

I was at a place in my life where I was not happy and this was affecting all my decision making both professionally and personally. I love what I do and I was earning good money but something was missing and I could not put my finger on it.

Fortunately for me I was at a workshop one day and Jerome of Get Performing did a presentation there, I was totally blown away with the simplicity of his message and how we are the creators of our own lives and future. I signed up with his coaching program and in the first session I had total clarity and knew what was missing. I now have my own Digital Media Consulting Company called Snowballclients and it is going from strength to strength.

Success Comes From an Organised Business & Mindset!

The Challenges we Solve!

Are you more confused than clear on your business purpose?

Are you inconsistent with your marketing and sales process?

Are you disorganised and lacking simple systems to grow your business?

Are you anxious about taking your business to the next level?


Self Mastery

This program is for the individual who is at a crossroads in their professional life and wants to discover their purpose or wants to work on there confidence.


Business Success

This program is for the business owner, who wants to become organised and focused for making more sales.


Fit for Leadership

This program is specifically designed for men over 40 who want to get into mental peak condition to effectively lead high-performance teams.



We will support and guide you from start to finish.


We will meet for a free consultation to discover your challenges.


We will agree on the right strategy for your desired results.


We will implement the right program for your needs and wants.


We will teach you the tools and skills needed for high performance.


We will have a happy and successful outcome.