3 Simple Tips to Productivity

If you want to be productive, it’s important to schedule around your own personal energy cycle and not what society or others tell you is best for you.

As long as you are getting the results you desire in business in a healthy way, that is what truly matters. Set your own calendar that balances the outcomes you want in your business with your energy cycles.

Taxing and unpleasant tasks need more energy, less taxing and more enjoyable tasks take up less energy. For instance, a client of mine is so energised between 6.30pm and 8.30pm in the evening, that now he does his marketing for the next 90 days in that timeframe of his week. Another does it between 7am and 9am after a morning run and won’t check his emails till he’s worked on his marketing for the next few months.

Most business owners suffer from a tremendous amount of overwhelm.

This can come in two ways from my experience helping business owners experience less stress and more success:

  1. There is one fairly important task that you must do, but not sure how to resolve it quickly. Example, dealing with accounts or learning how to use your customer relationship management system properly.
  2. You have scheduled too many things to do into an impractical timeframe. Example, having a list of personal tasks to do as well as tasks that are important to complete for business success.

Remember it is best to build a business moving slowly, surely and strongly rather than hurried, chaotic and frustrating. Real success is built on delayed gratification!

Building a successful business is not a race, it’s about living to your purpose and enjoying the process as much as in achieving the desired outcomes. Schedule the right number of tasks for productivity or you will end up demotivated. It’s also about leaving space for when the odd emergency shows up and they do!

What do I do then?

  1. Only focus on the important tasks that create profit for the business.
  2. Delegate everything else, especially the personal tasks.
  3. Listen to your body, does it need refuelling and moving? Brain-work burns up an amazing number of calories an hour and sitting for long periods at a time shuts down our flow and energy cycle. Your scheduling must allow for movement (even if it’s a walk around the block) and refuelling as energy levels do drop unless we top them up regularly. Not moving and refuelling can lead to unnecessary weight gain as well.

Keep your sights on the end game and be present in the moment to what needs doing to reach the end game.

Productivity beats busy-ness hands down!

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felix mooneeramwatching the time