3 Steps to Great Customer Service

Planning customer service is paramount throughout the whole process if we want to eliminate overwhelm in our business and increase cash flow.

When you compare a well-oiled machine running smoothly over a period of time to a vehicle that is constantly breaking down. We can see where the stress comes from.

Consulting firm Walker States: For consumers, customer experience will become more important than price and product by 2020.

As Damien Richards says: Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  

So as you can see customer service when done right with consistency can go along way to eliminating overwhelm in the business and increase cash flow.

Before we go any further let me explain the difference between customer service and customer experience.

Good customer service is the communication: This is when you answer the phone and give helpful and friendly advice in a way the customer wants to be spoken to.

Good customer experience is how they are treated. The parcel that the client has been waiting for with excitement has arrived on time and safely.

I hope these two examples have helped you.

Now let us look at mastering customer service in 3 Steps.

Step one: Really understand who your customer is

If your business is to give really good customer service. It must know their likes and desires up front. What kind of personality types do you attract organically? If something is not broken, do not try and fix it. Start to cater for that personality type right throughout your brand message.

One way to do this is to create customer personas and give each persona a name and personality. For example, James is 35 years old; Who wants to build a business that can provide security for his young family. His hobbies are surfing and mountain biking plus loves driving to work on his motorbike. In essence, he is an action taker.

By creating personas, your customer service and brand message can flow much better.

Step two: Create a customer experience vision

The second phase in your customer service strategy is to have a clear customer-communication vision that you can share with everyone.

Just like you have created a business vision to eliminate overwhelm, you can create a verbal interaction from start to finish. Then restart, if your business model allows for this. Language is so important to how your branding and customer merge together. Create that for the customer to experience.

Remember the language in a business that does IT consulting will be entirely different from a company that sells hip hop clothing.

Step three: Be empathetic

You’ve heard the phrase “it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it”?

The best customer service is achieved when you create an emotional connection with your customer.

Research by the Journal of Consumer Research has found that more than 50% of an experience is based on an emotion as emotions shape the attitudes that drive decisions.

As a result of the customer, feeling heard the business has a great chance of reaching its potential.

One of the best examples of creating an emotional connection I can give. Is from my own business. When a client of mine is going through a difficult period in life (they are not taking action) it is to step back and communicate with less action taking language till they build the confidence back up to get going again.

Every business is different and it is the difference that makes the difference to the customer being served.

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Until The Next Vlog Stay Healthy!  Warmest Regards Jerome

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