7 Traits Every Wise Leader Has

Authority figures are assigned in every company to lead a couple of teams to complete certain objectives in line with the vision and mission of the organisation. Leadership comes with heavy responsibility. It can bring the greatest of joys and the deepest of pain.

To navigate all the challenges that come with power, a leader must embody these traits:

Strong self mastery

As a leader, you should be able to master yourself first. Self mastery is the ability to manage your different resources such as time, skills and even your emotions. When you have trained yourself to do so, you will be able to bring your employees with you in a journey of learning and growing as a team.

Set clear goals and guide employees along the way

Setting the goal is important as it gives your employees the motivation to work and a sense of purpose. While achieving a certain goal takes long and arduous amount of time, a wise leader fuels the team with the two most important things that in pursuing long term achievement – enthusiasm and self-confidence.

They communicate exceptionally and effectively

Wise leaders have the ability to translate the most complex of information into a simplified instruction. They are sensitive and objective driven in giving comments and pieces of advice. A good leader can take bad criticism and turn it into a good advice that they can learn from. They also know when to talk and when to listen.

They make themselves accountable

A leader knows that it is their job to make sure that his team follow organisational policies. If a subordinate is unable to follow these rules, a leader knows that he is just as accountable to upper management. They will take responsibility for the erring subordinate while taking the necessary actions to encourage the employee to make up for what was done wrong.

A wise leader does not take mistakes personally, instead he sees this as an opportunity for his team to learn and grow.

They are creative, strategic and innovative

As visionaries, wise leaders love to experiment on certain concepts and strategies, and allow employees to make the most of what they ought to do with the project. This will foster innovation that will take the organisation to new frontiers and opportunities.

They manage the complexity of the team and build long term relationships

A team consists of different employees with unique characteristics. A wise leader has the perseverance and flexibility to be able to reach out to everybody and connect these employees to one another. Also, it is their duty to promote teamwork and trust within the circle to create a long and lasting bond that is important in tackling different problem that arise.

They adapt quickly

There is no room for slow-pokes in the fast-paced world of business. Transactions are done daily and by quota and each minute counts. An outstanding leader should have the social and emotional intelligence ready for the uncertainty that every objective carry. A great leader knows that there no other way but to push forward.