Be a leader

I love this quote by Marshall Goldsmith: “If you want everyone else to be passionate, committed, dedicated, and motivated, you go first”!

Are you a sheep or a lion?

Have you heard the story about a ‘Lion Who Thought He Was A Sheep’?

A lion got stranded as a cub from his pride. Lost and alone he was discovered by a herd of sheep who took pity on him. They treated him like their own and nurtured him back to health and adulthood. This lion grew up amongst sheep.

Thinking he was a sheep, he baa’d like a sheep. Then one day another strong lion came along and helped him find his true voice, his roar. The lesson in this story is we all have a voice and if matched with the right tribe magic can happen in your business. Let us lead and not be led! Until we discover that we have it in us, we will remain a sheep forever. And this is no good for your business dreams.

If you are a sheep, then remaining one is a good thing. But if you are a lion and pretending to be a sheep you will always feel unfulfilled. There is no worse feeling than being untrue to self, no matter how much external rewards you surround yourself with. You will always feel like a fraud. Like the sheep, most people will choose security over being true to self.

According to an article by Bloom Leadership, 79% of employees quit their positions due to a “lack of appreciation”, 63% of millennials feel there is a lack of leadership and only 5% of businesses have invested in leadership developments in all levels.

Looking at these statistics it seems leadership is really important for having a happy campus.

What does it Take to Be a Leader?

Part of being a leader is the ability to make quick decisions, treat others fairly & equally while inspiring your team with a positive attitude. The great technician that you are in your business took learning and practise and this will apply to your leadership skills as well. The challenge for most in business is transferring that technical identity to the actions of someone who knows their mission, has a clear understanding of where the business is heading and how it is going to get there with the help of others.

There are lessons everywhere if we look about leadership from the likes of John F. Kennedy. JFK, as he is fondly called, he was an inspiring figure during his presidency.

In his 1962 speech at Rice University, he said: “We choose to go to the moon in this decade not because it is easy but because it is NOT easy.” Those words inspired America because ever since then the United States space program has been leading the way in space exploration. A good leader sets an achievement everyone will learn and grow from.

Would you like to hear a secret? Are you ready? Well, here it is: A person who has the courage to step up and live with purpose becomes an inspiration to others. This is the first key. Then there is a step-by-step process that requires a commitment to progress, patience, and practice. To start you off, here are three steps that can help you become better at leading your business:

Three Valuable Steps that can Help You Transform from Technically Minded to Being the Lion!

1. Be Certain

Your potential customers or team do not buy you, your beliefs or services. They buy the certainty behind you, your beliefs or services. Start projecting certainty and everyone around you will feel more comfortable. Remember: if you do not believe in yourself or your product/service you will find it much more difficult convincing others. Having certainty will reflect in your sales process and marketing.

2. Be a Good Role Model

Decide to be an influencing figure that people will enjoy gaining guidance from. Become organised personally and professionally to set the tone for having a high-performance team. Be the calm, creative and focused person your team desire for success. Choose a healthy routine over an unhealthy routine. Decide to be productive and not busy. Be tolerant over intolerant.

3. Be Open

Seek the right advice and your business will grow quicker. An ‘I want help’ attitude will always outperform I can do this ‘all on my own attitude’. Encourage other leaders to help you. Let them express their unique skill sets and the business will be healthier. They can do things that are not necessarily your strengths.

Do not surround yourself with sheep. Now you are a lion, surround yourself with other lions. Let them roar to take the business to new heights.

Take time to understand suppliers, team members and customer needs. A business gets to a point where it is no longer about you. Start inspiring others through good leadership and the results will be there for all to see.

Appreciating others should be as important as achieving the goal.

These three steps are the foundation of becoming a leader. Learning these steps can positively impact your cash flow and business performance.

Do you want to be a leader? Well now is the time to awaken that flame in your heart and rise up to the call!

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And most importantly stay healthy!  Warmest Regards Jerome