My sessions with Jerome have been eye opening. He gave me plenty to think about and where my purpose lies. Also the accountability follow ups have been amazing.


Jerome has been fantastic, he is very knowledgeable and has been amazing in helping us create a more professional and structured business. I highly recommend his services!

Dean White

“There comes a time when you get serious about getting the best out of our life and knowing that what you’re doing right now, which may be ‘functional’, needs to change… My single most important outcome  working with Jerome was identifying and moving towards my Ultimate goal.

This is very powerful as keeps me on track ie. every key decision I make must take me towards my ultimate goal”.

Robert Ian Bonnick

Having initially been sceptical that there was a way to solve and change my approach to things it soon became obvious that with the right application and encouragement it was totally achievable. I had open debates with Jerome and we covered ground that I had previously kept just in my head, I felt that each session was helping me to become a more approachable person and left them feeling that I wanted to prove the outcome to myself. I feel that I have become a better person to my family, friends and work colleagues …Thanks again goes to Jerome!

Ian Lomas | Group Commercial Director

Ian Lomas

I was in a negative mind space thinking too much about my opponents and not myself. After some research my Dad was referred to Jerome and his company Get Performing. From our first meeting we got so much out of it. In the sessions ahead we worked on positive thinking processes, overcoming mental & emotional obstacles.

The coaching benefits have enabled me to progress up to the next level of my career (reaching the world cup squad) and concentrate on what really matters and to focus on the objectives that I have set out to accomplish and take every opportunity as a learning experience and a positive one.

Matty Thomas

Within the first few sessions with Jerome he recognised that the business I thought I wanted to build was not aligned with my values.

He has helped me re-ignite my passion for what I really love to do and assisted me in creating a business within the building industry.

If you are a man stuck in business, I highly recommend you work with Jerome.

Michael Bonanno

I was fortunate enough to have come across Jerome while he was conducting a coaching workshop. I felt that I had an instant connection with him as our values and beliefs aligned. I was amazed by Jerome’s, energy and love for life.

Since meeting  Jerome I have acquired his coaching services for both my business and personal life.

Jerome has an amazing ability for bringing out the best in people by identifying the beliefs that are long longer working and helping their clients in creating new goals that without their guidance would never have thought possible.

My wife was so impressed with the positive change that I have experienced since working with Jerome that she has now also started working with him.

Thank you Jerome for being an amazing person I can rely on no matter how big the challenge.

Shane Heta

“I took a break from corporate life to be a stay at home dad and recently returned to the workforce, starting my own business. I engaged Jerome because I needed someone to push me, keep me accountable and help take my business to the next level. In the time that we’ve worked together he’s done just that and my business it poised to reach its goals over the coming months years.

As a former stay at home dad, Jerome was exactly the coach I’ve been looking for to help me launch my business. He has a practical, easy to follow process, sound advice in following this, combined with an unwaivering enthusiasm that always leaves you confident and motivated. He’s really making a difference for me and pushing my boundaries to drive results.”

Jason Hime | Team Evolvement

Where there was doubt there is now clear direction. Jerome has helped me get so much more clarity on where I’m heading and how I’m going to get there by assisting me to work on my business instead of in it.

Hugh Milton | Hugh the Arborist

Working with Jerome has been amazing. I was at a plateau in my business and stuck. After doing Jerome’s business program I got more clarity in where I was heading and starting becoming more productive. Which allowed me to feel more positive again about the future. I highly recommend his services. Joe Edginton – Energy Culture

Joe Edginton - Energy Culture