Robert Ian Bonnick

“There comes a time when you get serious about getting the best out of our life and knowing that what you’re doing right now, which may be ‘functional’, needs to change… My single most important outcome  working with Jerome was identifying and moving towards my Ultimate goal.

This is very powerful as keeps me on track ie. every key decision I make must take me towards my ultimate goal ☺”.


Ian Lomas

Having initially been sceptical that there was a way to solve and change my approach to things it soon became obvious that with the right application and encouragement it was totally achievable. I had open debates with Jerome and we covered ground that I had previously kept just in my head, I felt that each session was helping me to become a more approachable person and left them feeling that I wanted to prove the outcome to myself. I feel that I have become a better person to my family, friends and work colleagues …Thanks again goes to Jerome!

Ian Lomas | Group Commercial Director

Julie Alexander

I’ve got to know Jerome over the past year and each time I’ve spent time with him I have come away with new inspiration, clarity and motivation.

In one short session recently, Jerome was able to help me get clarity on my business proposition that has enabled me to move it to a whole new level. He is the master at being able to get you to see all the pieces of the jigsaw from a different angle, which means that I could finally see how they fitted together; they effectively cleared a roadblock I didn’t even know I had! Being able to see the whole picture makes it easy to articulate my vision and because of that I’ve just secured three new pieces of business. So I can thoroughly recommend working with Jerome, if you get the chance. He is worth his weight in gold.

Shane Heta

I was fortunate enough to have come across Jerome while he was conducting a coaching workshop. I felt that I had an instant connection with him as our values and beliefs aligned. I was amazed by Jerome’s, energy and love for life.

Since meeting  Jerome I have acquired his coaching services for both my business and personal life.

Jerome has an amazing ability for bringing out the best in people by identifying the beliefs that are long longer working and helping their clients in creating new goals that without their guidance would never have thought possible.

My wife was so impressed with the positive change that I have experienced since working with Jerome that she has now also started working with him.

Thank you Jerome for being an amazing person I can rely on no matter how big the challenge.

Shane Heta


What made the day work for both parties was Jerome had two main objectives, of creating TRS mission and value’s.
The day wasn’t overloaded and the two main objectives where reached.


I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation – Get Performing’s delivery was engaging, they drew me in, held me there and inspired me. I enjoyed team TRS comradeship which performed well.


The workshop was a huge success in my opinion. I think it achieved everything you needed it to, it brought the team together and allowed everyone to openly express opinions and work together to reach a common goal. It clearly set out what TRS is about and how we all want the company to operate. Overall it was fun and informative, I found it very motivating.
Get Performing were excellent, they kept it fun and fast paced so no one was getting tired or drifting off. they asked a lot of good questions, made us think and were very open to suggestions. As a team, I think they read us very well.

Susan Barton

I was having a business identity crisis when I discovered Get Performing! Unsure of my market, trying to be all to everyone, frustrated, going around in circles and not even sure what my WHY? was..Who could not be swept away by Jerome’s enthusiasm!! So wanting a piece of that wonderful energy, I embarked on a journey that helped me rediscover my business purpose, redefine my boundaries and ultimately target the special clients that I wanted to attract to my business. Jerome has a gentle way of waking you up to take the next step and get you to realize your limitless potential!! I can highly recommend him!

Dee Bugyi Jacka

“When I started my coaching sessions with Jerome I didn’t really know what to expect and I remember feeling a bit uneasy thinking “What am I going to tell him?” thinking that I wouldn’t have anything ‘interesting’ to share with him.
Well, wasn’t I wrong!
Jerome has a way of ‘extracting’ feelings & thoughts from inside of you – ideas that you wouldn’t even have a clue they existed!
It’s been a great journey for me, a real eye-opener. I leave every session feeling absolutely excited about my business, my life, and my future. And this is priceless.
Thank you Jerome – very grateful our paths have crossed!”

Dee Zumba Instructor


This was an amazing workshop! Get Performing really got the team working and interacting well. I got so much out of the session, personally, and professionally. It was so great to see the interactions of the new team. Some exciting and inspiring thoughts have come out of the session, and we have a great vision, know our mission as a business and set in place realistic values that match the company culture. A very fantastic way to spend the day.

Matt Thomas

I was in a negative mind space thinking too much about my opponents and not myself. After some research my Dad was referred to Jerome and his company Get Performing. From our first meeting we got so much out of it. In the sessions ahead we worked on positive thinking processes, overcoming mental & emotional obstacles.

The coaching benefits have enabled me to progress up to the next level of my career (reaching the world cup squad) and concentrate on what really matters and to focus on the objectives that I have set out to accomplish and take every opportunity as a learning experience and a positive one.


Terrific workshop – a great success which brought new insights and generated ideas which we all will benefit from.