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Jerome Lamarque
Jerome Lamarque
Business Coach

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The Leadership Performance Program is for the ambitious person who wants to master the skills for leading high performance teams in a sustainable and healthy way.

The individual may face challenges that are new and unfamiliar from previous roles and would like a safe and reassuring environment to learn the art of knowing mission, keeping to vision and delegating resourcefully.

Successful leaders have the energy, vitality and empowerment to maintain high performance while in a complex and many times volatile environment.


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Leadership Performance Coaching 

The Leadership Performance program is all about building on the professional foundations and strengths already acquired, to take it to the next level of peak performance for leadership.

The program is designed to get you as a leader performing to your ultimate potential and delivering results.

An effective high performance leader is organised, focused and skilled at communicating the vision to all stakeholders. Great leaders transform by developing and utilising energy in a way that demonstrates stability, self-control and internal confidence.

An effective leader is an individual who can manage the volatility, uncertainty, complexities and ambiguities that business can bring. This includes strengthening executive skills of delegation and managing the expectations of others.

Successful executives lead by example in order to create high performing teams who, as individuals, are efficient, self-motivated and intrinsically driven to consistently perform at their best.

Stress is our best friend.  It’s our inability to prepare for it and recover from it that destroys us.  The key is awareness, physical preparedness, mental focus, and staying in a state of calmness in all challenging situations.


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Leadership Challenges

The key challenges experienced by professional leaders include managing the stressful demands and expectations of a team so they perform as accountable and empowered individuals working collaboratively.  

The inability to manage these problems will rapidly deplete the positive energy needed to drive a successful team.

"Unsuccessful leaders" tend to have a few things in common: They are in-adaptable to changing circumstances, they struggle to communicate clearly, they stray off mission, and they don’t lead by example.

As an executive leader, if you are not in peak flow with who you are and what you are doing, the uncertainties and complexities of business life can have a negative impact on your health and your ability to sustain high levels of performance.

Without the mental, emotional and physical muscle to perform at a high level in business, your credibility as a leader will be undermined.

Effective and inspired leadership creates a forward momentum that generates clarity and purpose.


The Leadership Performance Program is a 12 or 6 month program depending on your schedule.

This is an integrated program structured to suit the demands of your time schedule.  It is delivered through a combination of one-to-one coaching sessions and online modules.

The program includes support through laser calls and educational resources.

If you would like more information on this program please email Jerome Lamarque at success@getperforming.com or click the enroll tab to get started.

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