Growth Psychology for Business Success

I was inspired to write this short blog after a recent growth conversation with a client. I call these calls with my clients the pinprick calls.

They are a 15-minute support call to check in and see what they need to keep progressing in their business.

And we know “what does not get checked get’s forgotten”

So, I was having one of these pinprick calls with a client I have been working with for a while now. And asked him how everything is going.

His reply: “Everything’s fine. Everything’s running smoothly. It’s going really well.”

At one level that was great, but from my point of view, and from a performance specialist point of view, warning bells started ringing in my head.

Now I want you to think of it like this. I have a fitness coach. Now when I go and have my sessions with him, if I’m cruising in my fitness sessions, and it’s comfortable and easy, he’s actually not doing his job. He’s actually not improving me. His job is to help me get out of my comfort zone by absolutely setting higher standards for me in the session.

I hope you understand this from a performance point of view. This is why you hire a business performance specialist, to get you to that next level. And if you are cruising and everything is going well, then, you need a little pinprick for growth.

As human beings, we find our true happiness in progress and business is no different.

Knowing he was cruising and relaxed because he was now organised and in the profit zone. I just asked him one simple question.

From that one simple growth question, he was blocked for a while. He asked to give him a minute to think about it. I held the space as he needed and then BOOM! He realised there was something he was not doing to perform better.

The Growth Strategy to Move Up!

1.The Goal

We discussed the goal we wanted to achieve

2. The Reality

We discussed what was currently going on

3. The Opportunity

We discussed how he and the business would benefit from this

4. The Win

We discussed how the results would improve the quality of his and his family life

5. The Timeframe

We discussed when this is best to be done by

6. The Higher Standards

We discussed how this will improve overall performance to make life simple

He wrote it out as a plan, did the most important thing next and took action for growth.

I got a message back a few days later saying, thank you for challenging me and getting me out of my comfort zone, I feel so much more confident! So think of this like having a great workout at the gym and you will get mentally stronger!

This is the power of working with someone who knows how to get you out of your comfort zone but in a supportive, kind way. However, this will only resonate with you if you are ambitious and want to grow.

I hope this short blog has helped you understand the power of working with a business performance specialist.

If you need any more help or advice, please Click Here and Leave a Short Message, and I will get back to you straight away. And most importantly, stay healthy.

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