How to Build Confidence for Business Success!

I’m going to show you how to build confidence through an example of working with clients on their sales process.

One of my favourite quotes is by Tony Robbins “complexity is the enemy of execution”. As human beings, we do love to make things complicated when most things are pretty simple.

Whether it is our marketing, sales or delivery of service. We want to streamline it all and get the business working for us.

To do this we have to become confident in these areas!

Business owners often get mixed up between self-esteem and confidence.

Self-esteem is the valuation you have about yourself and wanting to add more valuation. Confidence is something you gain after learning something and then you feel a sense of control over doing it again and again.

Let me give you an example: You get the keys to drive a Formula One car around a racetrack. But you have never driven one before at 200km an hour. Knowing this you would not be confident. Having a strong desire to grow and become a better person gives you the belief and focus to build on your self-esteem.

Here we have Low Confidence – High Self-Esteem

Now the instructor says I’m just going to show you how to use the controls get your seat right and show you how all the mechanics work. You now start to get comfortable with the operating systems.

Then the next day you drive it at 50 kilometres around the track. Now you are used to the car and the course. Then the next day you take it to a hundred kilometres around the track. Then on the fourth day, you drive it 150 kilometres and on the fifth day, you take that formula one car around the track at 200 kilometres an hour.

We now have High Confidence and even more High Self-Esteem

We need to go through a process to start feeling confident about doing something and it is the same in growing our business. There are so many areas to master in our business it can become overwhelming.

But we can make it simple!

The more clarity we have, the lighter we will feel as a business owner.

Let me take you through a process I run with my clients to help them increase cash flow in a simple way.

The four Ps to confidence:

The first P is to have a plan.

I sit down and plan out how many sales you want based on your current business model and financial goals for the year. Then we break them down into quarterly goals, monthly goals and weekly goals.

The second P is to prepare.

This is where we prepare our scripts for every part of the sales process. Examples: Phone calls, voicemails, objections (Tip an objection in the sales process is a good sign) etc. When we prepare in this way based on our business model and ideal customer, our confidence really starts to rise.

The third P is to practice.

Now I get the client to practice with me. Practice does not make perfect but it does make progress. Business owners do not do this enough. When you practise your confidence has no option but to go up because repetition is the mother of mastery. The belief to have a successful business starts to be cemented with certainty as it becomes part of our non-conscious mind.

The fourth P is to perform under pressure.

The next step is I get the client to make real-time sales calls with me present. We have planned. Together we came up with awesome scripts. We practised. Now it is time time to execute in real-time.

Pretty simple would you agree!

Remember: when you do the right things at the right time over and over again your confidence will go through the ceiling.

Why? Because you get better at it and can do it even faster, just like driving a formula one car at 200km an hour.

This is the same for all 10 areas of business mastery!

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Together we will get you performing at your peak!  Warmest Regards Jerome


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