How to Gain The Self-Confidence for Success!

When we gain the self-confidence for success the ability to stay calm under pressure grows. This is when you really feel you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Do you constantly self-doubt or second guess yourself? Do you consistently delay doing things you know you should do for success?

If you answered yes to those questions, chances are your stress management skills need to be worked on. So, read on and you will get 3 tips on how to gain self-confidence for success.

When we fear to make mistakes over success, we freeze. However, we gain more self- confidence after doing something where we had to make those mistakes in the first place because this is how we learn. See the challenge here?

I love this quote: “Every master had to be a disaster at some point”

Those who have gained the self-confidence for success will forge ahead. They will make lots of mistakes but success is their driver, not the failure. Those low in self-confidence will continually fight to stay in their comfort zone and come up with the best justifications to stay there. The avoidance of making mistakes is their driver.

How do we know when we have gained the self-confidence for success?

When we have the self-belief to back our own judgments and the abilities to get the desired results in business. There is a trusting in one’s own decision making and actions for the greater good and we then feel like an effective leader.

This important characteristic of building a successful business is like any other muscle. It takes time to make it strong and sometimes over the course of building the business it can fall short if not attended to regularly.

Business owners have discovered this working with me. The ebb and flow of self-confidence depend on the individual and the support they have to got to get back in the game quickly.

This is why having the right community around you is so important for consistently performing at peak.

If you have not got the right community around you yet, here are 3 tips for building self-confidence and becoming an effective leader for your business…

Building self-confidence (I am going to use an example of a client in our business support group)

Mind your language

1. This client built up a lot of anxiety around sales and this was really affecting their bottom line. Something had to be done and quickly as their business was failing fast. After discovering their block, I soon realised their strength is building great relationships and their fear is upsetting those relationships by asking for money. We had to turn this pattern around for the business to move forward. We removed the phrase ‘the sales process’ from their vocabulary and instead used the phrase ‘relationship building process’. They immediately relaxed using this stress-management technique. Tip one to gain the self-confidence for success: use language that will help you feel more optimistic.

Use the muscles built already

2. Start small when building your self-confidence. Rome was not built in a day. This business owner had a stack of leads but was not following up on them to increase sales. We could have jumped on 20- to 30 calls a day but that would have damaged the process. Instead, they made 3 calls on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday, 6 on Thursday and 7 on Friday. We built the muscle slowly and took action. This process was never about getting a customer at this point it was all about building self-confidence. Before we can change the world, we first have to change our selves. They focused on the exercise of picking up the phone and calling the leads to connect. Tip two to gain the self-confidence for success: focus on your strengths.

Follow a tried and trusted plan

3. We now had forward momentum with some simple action steps.  The client needed a ‘HOW’ to convert conversations to increase sales. It is all good and well-taking action but if those actions are not getting results, we need to change them. In our collaboration together we came up with a formula that they felt really happy to use and most importantly got them to sell their services which helped their customers immensely. Tip three to gain the self-confidence for success: create simple steps you feel congruent in taking.

You see gaining self-confidence is not as hard as you may think for building a successful business.

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