Unlock Your True Potential with Jerome Lamarque

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Originally a London based fitness coach. I learnt the fundamentals for goal setting and creating a mindset for achieving them. We can all write goals, the challenge really is achieving them. When we have the right psychology, knowledge, structure and community around us, anything is possible.

What led you to set up Get Performing?

Growing up I was very shy and insecure. I loved sports and drama but never had the self-confidence to fully express my skills and talents. I ran patterns to avoid negative feedback. These patterns are rife in the business world and want to help individuals get out of their own way and do something special.

How do you help your clients?

I run programs that allow business owners to become effective leaders, learn the art to stress management and increase their sales.

What lights you up?

Working with action takers. The ambitious who want to perform better in business and life. Also, when I see my clients grow in self-confidence and get their desired results.

Who are you looking to work with?

The ambitious who want to make a difference in their community. They really want the skills and tools to get out of their own way, build a successful business and become an effective leader.

What is different about your business?

My background in peak performance, working with elite athletes, and my knowledge of how to help people with their mindset around their business is what sets my business apart from others.

What exactly do you do? what sort of problems do you solve for people?

People are either stuck or struggling to lead or sell with confidence when they first come to see me. I first help them get realigned with who they are and what they do best. We then transfer that clarity into their business or profession. This allows them to become much more productive and get the important things done for success.

How does that help them to achieve their purpose?

When a person has clarity, they have vitality. This really sets them on the path to effective leadership. Their self-confidence grows, which takes their professional performance to another level. As a result, sales increase and the bottom line improves.

What is next?

I am currently finishing my book ‘The Rise of The Authentic Hunter’ a book to help men in business perform at peak.

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