Jerome Lamarque

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Jerome Lamarque?

Having been a London based Fitness Coach for many years working with elite athletes and well-established business professionals, you get a very close insight into what makes the ambitious tick. I learnt the fundamental secrets to goal setting that aligned the person with their true deep down desires. We can all write goals, the challenge really is achieving them. When we have the right psychology, knowledge, structure and community around us, executing the right actions become simple.

What led you to set up Get Performing?

Growing up I was very shy and insecure. I loved sports and drama but never had the self-confidence to fully express my skills and talents. I ran patterns that self-sabotaged my success and enjoyment. These patterns are rife in the business world and want to help individuals get the best out of themselves and do something special in their business and also get the rewards for having the courage to start a business in the first place.

How do you help your clients?

90% of the time I ask for feedback from my clients they say I helped them in two ways. Firstly to eliminate the overwhelm that was going on in their mind and secondly the knock-on effect with great strategies was to increase cash flow in their business.

What lights you up?

Working with action takers. The ambitious person who wants to perform better in business and life. Also, when I see my clients grow in self-confidence and get their desired results.

Who are you looking to work with?

Ambitious business owners who are ready to play at a bigger level but just need some support getting there. It could be taking on their first team member or want the skills to promote themselves or business better for brand awareness or marketing. It could be as simple as having professional accountability to perform at peak on a regular basis.

What is different about your business?

My knowledge of how to help people get psychologically fit for success and assisting them to design their business where it is streamlined so it takes up less of their time.

What exactly do you do? what sort of problems do you solve for people?

I help business owners eliminate overwhelm very quickly in their thinking. This instantly makes them feel lighter and more confident for the challenges ahead. We then look at the best strategies to increase cash flow in their business while creating more time to do the things that they love more often.

How does that help them to achieve their purpose?

When a person has clarity, they have vitality. This really sets them on the path to feeling great about life and what they can achieve. Their self-confidence grows, which takes their professional performance to another level. As a result, sales increase and the bottom line improves.

What is next?

I am currently finishing my book ‘The Rise of The Authentic Hunter’ a book to help business owners perform at peak.

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The in-house voices have stopped being heard
An alternative perspective helps people see things differently
Fresh ideas and techniques on how to be more productive
The in-house voices have stopped being heard
Fresh ideas and techniques on how to be more productive


The challenge when putting an event or workshop together is getting the right facilitator on board. The last thing you want is a bored audience who wish they were somewhere else.

An event that does not hit the mark or have a clear outcome, can be more damaging to morale and demotivating to a team.

It can also put a big dent in the yearly expenses. Get the speaker wrong and it becomes a waste of time and energy.


When hiring in a speaker it is never a ‘me’ thing, it is a ‘we’ thing. The crucial parts come before an event or workshop. This is where we really get clear on what the best outcomes are for all involved.

When this is done properly with the right facilitator the audience feels part of the journey and not excluded from it.

The preparation for this can come from as little as a quick phone call or a video conference. Why? Because you are dealing with an experienced speaker.


The secret to having an engaging speaker at your event or workshop is it builds likability and trust very quickly with the audience. Once this happens the desired outcomes become much more achievable as the attendees are more willing to participate. They start to see how it benefits them personally and professionally.

When this happens, you have full engagement which leads to a re-invigorated and focused team.


It always comes down to knowing the purpose of the event or workshop.
Will everyone walk away clear on their next steps?
Will everyone feel they gained the necessary tools to perform better in their role?

To have the greatest impact, we need to achieve the following:

  1. 1. An initial meeting to establish the desired overall outcome
  2. 2. Establish the three main needs of the participants
  3. 3. Date and time of the event
  4. 4. Workshop agenda
  5. 5. Dress code
  6. 6. Presentation materials


When everything goes to plan everyone feels like a winner. The organisers feel great. The audience walks away feeling they spent their precious time wisely and everyone got what they wanted from the presentation.

An experienced professional speaker is essential to get the greatest IMPACT! Whether it is a call to complete a major project or for improving performance to increase the bottom line.


  • From the moment Jerome started to speak I was in. I have heard many speakers and Jerome is up there with the best. I even signed up to work with him straight after his presentation he was that good.

    Dean White
  • I have been working with Jerome for about 9 months when I invited him to an event my friend was organising for about 500 people. One of the speakers cancelled at the last minute and to help my friend I What Others are Saying mentioned Jerome could step in, even though I had never heard him speak publicly before. I knew he was a great coach but I did not realise what a great public speaker he was. So much so it has inspired me to become one.

    Sam Vaid
  • I heard Jerome speak at a networking event and it was so good I never looked at my mobile once. Not even a cat video!

    Hugh Millington