Marketing is dead.

Most businesses today have a very traditional mentality of what a business should be doing internally to function and that usually results in having clear and distinct departments, some of which may hardly ever communicate. 

Over the last 10 years, however, there has been a growing emergence of a business revolution. Companies are starting to ditch old habits for those that give better outcomes for both their staff and customers. Just think about Google and their sleeper lounges, free food, gyms and their relaxed dress code. 

This type of people-centric thinking was seen as extreme at the time but companies are now starting to see people not as machines but as individuals, something that is also becoming evident in Marketing.

Marketing has always been the action of selling products or services, but, with an overwhelming amount of information received daily, customers are starting to disengage from being “sold” to.

So, what are they responding to?

People are looking for companies that think about their specific needs and not just statistical trends and blanket marketing strategies. 

As much as marketing plays an important factor in my business, I will always get better results when I talk, listen and understand an individual needs as opposed to mass advertisements that may not necessarily be useful to the recipients.

This phenomena is also evident in the targeting capabilities on Facebook and other social media platforms. The specificity in your targeting means that you’re more than likely to be seen by people who need you rather than a large, uninterested audience. 

This concept of people-centric thinking doesn’t just extend to Marketing but also how people use your products, services and ultimately interact with your business.

What would you do if you were trying to navigate a website to buy a product, but the website was slow, glitchy and unresponsive? I personally, would more than likely give up and find another supplier. Putting the customer’s experience at the forefront of your website design, marketing campaigns, services etc. could lead to a seamlessly easy journey for an individual to buy from you and therefore increase your chance of making a profit.

The moral of this blog is to start to get into the mindset of your customers and what they actually want. Traditional marketing whereby you aim to target the masses regardless of their needs is quickly dying out. If your customers are responding more to one product than another, ask yourself why? If you are finding people aren’t engaging on your social media pages, analyse what you’re putting up.

Remember, the world is a better place when you think about people as people, not just statistics.

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