Public Speaking – 4 Things Tony Robbins Taught Me!

Public Speaking is Your Path to Increased Cash Flow Fast.

Let me ask you this question: would it be more time saving to speak to all your potential customers in one go or run around having the same conversation over and over again with different potential customers?

Yeah, you guessed right!

Here are 3 reasons business owners do not like public speaking. You may have one of your own.

  1. Business owners do not see themselves as public speakers.
  2. They truly believe no one is interested in what they have to say.
  3. The fear of not having the answers terrifies them.

Have you ever been to a networking event where a business owner gets up to public speak and then bores you so much you would rather look at cat videos on social media?

The more we put into something the more we get out of it. It is called ‘The Law of Attraction’

You know what I’m talking about, the unpractised, the unprepared, the unplanned who think PowerPoint is the secret to great public speaking.

Be the person who plans, prepares and practices these four things and you will outsell your competition.

By the way, this includes your marketing videos as well.

While I was at a business day filled with confident public speakers I started noticing a pattern. It was not until Tony Robbins came on at the end that the penny dropped. He was speaking for about four hours. In this time he did these four things repeatedly.

I have since done the course and learnt them at a deep level and now teach it as part of my peak performance program for business owners.

Master These Four Powerful Public Speaking Tricks!

So you can outperform your competition. To increase cash flow in your business.

The first lesson I learnt was:

We must inspire. If we cannot grab the attention of the audience from the get-go. We are in trouble. If we cannot inspire beyond a cat video, the business will suffer.

There are some major tricks to inspiring. But I will give you one as not to overwhelm you right now. One of the best ways to inspire your audience at the beginning is to ask a question you know your audience wants answering. Then answer it yourself. You ask it in a way of a statement. The things to remember here is tonality, body language plus tempo when delivering the question. Do this right and you set the tone for a great presentation.

The second lesson I learnt was:

We must educate: This is where you are seen as the authority in your field. If the audience does not think you can teach them something different from what they already know. You are in trouble. The sales are not happening.

So teach your magic!

The third lesson I learnt was:

We must engage: This is where we bring the audience on the journey with us. The top speakers know how to do this with ease. The thing is it is probably the easiest part of the presentation to do. All you have to do is throw out a quick task or exercise the audience will have fun learning from. Get the audience to do the work here. While you take a sip of water.

The fourth lesson I learnt was:

We must reassure: In this section, you squash any concerns, doubts or confusion the audience has. We also give them the belief that they can achieve their results with your service or product. If we cannot reassure. It is over red rover!

These four simple things I learnt from top speakers are easy to implement if you want to increase your cash flow with ease. But you do have to practice!

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Until The Next Vlog Stay Healthy!  Warmest Regards Jerome

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