The Dangers Of Seeking Approval In Business!

If your main reason for starting a business, performing well in your sport or becoming a leader is the need to seek approval from others, you are starting the journey on very shaky ground.

Censoring yourself does not allow you to ever feel at peace and live in flow with who you truly are. By seeking approval, you will never put your best foot forward for fear of upsetting others.

The most exhausting thing you will ever do in your profession is to try to be someone you’re not, and that is exactly what you do when you become a people pleaser.

Two of the major dangers of starting a business with the aim of seeking approval from others are;

  1. You will avoid criticism.
  2. You will not put yourself in situations of rejection.

Building a business when you are scared of criticism and rejection doesn’t allow you to truly live your life according to your own values.

If you’re avoiding criticism you will avoid places of accountability and with that, your chances of success dramatically fall.

If you’re avoiding rejection, you will not speak up when you know you must and you will avoid areas like sales, negotiations etc. that underpin the basics of any business.

Approval-seeking behaviour can stem from the belief that; if people don’t like me, I’m not worthy.

As a result, your business and all other areas of your life become dependent on everyone else’s verdict and you become trapped between your wants and those of others.

The best way to break this pattern is by:

  1. Placing more value on seeking approval from self.
  2. By figuring out who you are and what you value.
  3. Get help in knowing your purpose.

Seeking approval and asking for guidance, however, are two separate things. Seeking approval means you bend to the whim of everyone else. Asking for guidance means you seek a platform which to test your methods and will not back down until a better solution is offered.

Breaking the pattern and knowing where to ask for guidance will allow you to create a stronger sense of being. When you know who you are and accept yourself, criticism or rejection become your motivators to be better.

If you would like help in this area or would love to know your purpose in life and what drives you at a core level, please Click here to truly begin change.

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