Three Simple Tips to Fast Track into The Profit Zone

Three simple tips on how you can fast-track into the profit zone. Some shocking statistics from the Australian Psychological Society show that three out of four people in their professional life are suffering from stress and anxiety. Quite a statistic that out each million, seven hundred and fifty thousand people are suffering from high levels of stress and anxiety. As a coach who has previously worked with elite athletes, leaders of industry and CEO’s I know it does not have to be this way.

A lot of the time, it’s knowing the how, and getting out of our own way so we can get on with it. These three simple tips will help you fast-track into the profit zone. It’s done this so many times for my clients, it’s done it for myself, and they’re reaping the rewards, and so I just want to share them with you.

So, what are we talking about is consistency? We’re not talking about discipline. We’re not talking about being tough or being a hero or anything like that. We’re just talking about simple consistency towards success.

The first is routines

Are your routines setting you up for success or are your routines setting you up for failure? Because one of the fundamental platforms we have to build is a successful routine foundation, and so we’re looking at that.

It’s so important that we actually have a routine that sets us up for success while maintaining our mental and physical health while moving us towards the profit zone. Look at your routines, are you really organized throughout the day? Are you organized throughout the week? Are you organized throughout the month? Are you organized throughout the financial quarter? Are you organized for the whole year?

If you get these routines right around your fitness, your relationships, and your business, you start to have routines that move you towards success. At first, they might feel a bit strange or uncomfortable with them, but over time, especially if you get through that 90-day barrier, it will start to feel normal.

The second is habits

Are your habits moving you towards failure or are your habits moving you towards success? If you’re not in the profit zone and you’ve got high levels of stress and anxiety, it comes down to the routines. It also comes down to your habits.

Do you spend more time than you should on social media? If you are on social media, what are you watching? Are you watching the things that aren’t going to improve your business success and getting you into a profit zone? Are you watching things that just have no relevance to where you’re going, is it just curiosity of what others are doing?

One of the things I did recently with a client who was being bombarded with emails was to get them to unsubscribe to a lot of their emails that they didn’t need. The other thing we did was to get them to check their emails twice a day, half an hour in the morning between 9:00 and 9:30, and then between 5:00 and 5:30. So, that became a different habit within the bigger routines of everything else.

That freed up so much time in the day to get on with building with the right strategic relationships in their business and making sales calls. Get into these small little habits and it’s amazing how you will free up time to do the things that will get you into the profit zone. We now have our routines and habits.

The third is strategies

Working with a client recently, who was just doing social media marketing but not getting any real traction. We switched it for a while and we went to territorial marketing, and the business grew. We found something that really worked, and then we implemented it and built the right strategic relationships where the business moved into the profit zone.

Start looking at the strategies you’re running in business! is your sales process finely tuned for your ideal market? is your delivery of service finely tuned after you’ve got the sales process in place? are your finances finely tuned and in place for the delivery of service?

Number one, create really good fundamental routines for success. Number two, create really good habits within your own personal, and business life. The third thing is the strategies you run in your business, are they moving you towards the profit zone, or are they moving you towards the failure zone?

The only thing that ever gets in our way is us.

If you need any more help or advice, just email me at, and I’ll always be happy to help, and most importantly stay healthy.

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